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THE PLUMBING SURGEON offers total plumbing related services covering the full portfolio of general plumbing, electrical, environmental and drain cleaning services. We have the expertise and experience to advise clients on cost effective and sustainable solutions for all plumbing problems.


We are proud to provide full emergency response drainage services across the country. We are experts in drain unblocking and drain repairs.


We have the expertise and experience to advise clients on cost effective and sustainable solutions for all plumbing problems.

General Plumbing

Our general plumbing, new installations and corporate maintenance services include:
   •  Leak detection by the following methods: Pressure testing, G-Mic acoustic testing and Sensistor gas emission detection
   •  Geyser repair and replacement
   •  Pressure testing of water systems
   •  Electro-mechanical drain cleaning and high pressure hydro jetting of sewer and storm water drains with pipe diameters up to 900 mm.
   •  Grease trap maintenance
   •  Our Video-Camera system assists in diagnosing problems with underground pipe installations, pinpointing for example: cracks, sinkhole, roots and
       leaks. By reducing the need for exploratory digging, this system saves you time and money.
   •  Tanker services: septic and french - renew
   •  Insurance claims. It is our speciality!
   •  Install and/or repair gutters, down pipes and flashings
   •  Ceiling repairs and skimming
   •  Drywall and partitioning
   •  Supply of chemical and bio-active products for the clearing of drains, fat and oil traps, a septic tank activator, root killer and other plumbing-relating products
   •  Installation and maintenance of complete water purification systems
   •  Commercial Drains: Hotels, Catering, Educational institutions & Letting Agencies


Our patching team also undertakes minor building repairs, painting or tiling. This enables us to offer a comprehensive professional service, leaving your premises ready for occupation once our plumbing/electrical repair teams have completed their work.


   •  Replacement of geyser elements, thermostats, isolators and repair of loose connections.
   •  Installation of electrical stoves and ovens & ceiling fans
   •  Replacement of pool motors and repairs of pool and borehole pumps
   •  Gate and garage motors
   •  Installations of security and garden lighting
   •  Electric fencing
   •  Power failures and earth leakages
   •  New wiring installations & rewiring
   •  Provision of trouble-free power supply to computer points (clean power) and power skirting
   •  Issue of Electrical Certificates of Compliance (CoC)
   •  Installation of electricity saving devices i.e geyser timers, energy efficient lighting, etc.

Industrial & Eco-friendly

   •  High pressure jetting
   •  C.C.T.V pipe inspections
   •  Vacuum cleaning
   •  Septic tanks and liquid waste removal
   •  Leak detection
   •  Cleaning of oil spills.

Our Accreditations

We are members of several plumbing related professional bodies that include:
   •  (IOPSA) Institute of Plumbing South Africa
   •  CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board)
   •  ECA (The Electrical Contractors Association of S.A.)
   •  FASA (Franchise Association of S.A.), and
   •  SEESA (Small Enterprise Employers of S.A.).


Founder and MD of PLUMBING Franchising, Glenn Pratt, is a master plumber and a past vice-president of the Institute of (IOPSA).

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